Our approach to the management of any service Contract is to establish a Contract Team to oversee all the requirements of the service. This structure will be headed by Shane Barrett our State Contracts Manager who will ensure the appropriate management and performance of services whilst providing the accountability and interface at all levels.

The duties and responsibilities of each person involved in the delivery of service will be clearly defined, re-enforced and understood by all concerned. Electrite will provide comprehensive induction training for all members of the team detailing the contract specifications, Electrite’s contract specific quality system work instructions, Electrite’s innovations, safety procedures and the Key Performance Indicators for this contract.

We believe that only well informed people will provide excellent service. We will empower all personnel with clearly defined responsibilities, so as to enable them to function with the necessary authority to complete the task.

In preparing our team we have taken into consideration our previous experience, and considered the following objectives:

  • Ensure that Electrite dedicates the proper and appropriate resources to provide a high quality service that will reflect the philosophies and values of your company.
  • Ensure a high level of customer service that considers and respects the needs of all members of your company, which is to be maintained at all times throughout our performance of the Contract.
  • Ensure that a quality service is established and maintained through the implementation of a cohesive management team with effective assessment and review procedures.
  • Develop a proactive methodology for examining future strategies for the financial and operational benefit of your Company.
  • Ensure that the benefits of contracting to Electrite are clear, precise and identifiable throughout the term of any contract, and that our relationship is sound, mutually satisfying, and successful.

Our Quality Management Plan in regard to the Facilities Management Providers contract will be in accordance with our QA Programme. This Plan, complete with policies and procedures in conjunction with a pro-active management and supervisory team, will ensure the requirements of the site are achieved. An essential component in maintaining our Quality Accreditation is regular client contact, performance audits, staff training, and ongoing evaluation of staff performance.

The effectiveness of the Quality Management Plan will be monitored to customers’ satisfaction levels in the areas identified as being important to the client.

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