Electrite has assisted many of its clients to recognise and implement innovative cost reduction and service improvement strategies. Often the benefits have been derived from reviewing the dynamics of a client’s business and identifying opportunities to integrate tasks into a new service mix. Electrite believe that this is to be an ongoing process and we aim to have review mechanisms in place to enable this to occur.

Our Management team implements a customer specific Quality Program to ensure that all aspects of the job environment are considered. This is facilitated through our ability to:

  • Recruit, induct, and train personnel in a manner which ensures that only staff who are competent and qualified to perform their duties in a professional and dedicated manner are utilised.
  • Provide a work environment that embraces sound industrial relations philosophies and safety through the active participation of all our staff (including management) in appropriate programs.
  • Provide professional Contract Management responsible for the effective day to day delivery of our services and interaction with site / store Managers, in addition to co-ordinating and implementing effective work procedures, conducting staff appraisals and training.
  • Ensure contractual performance and compliance.

Electrite’s large workforce ensures that there are always extra resources to call on in the event of extra requirements. Our twenty-four (24) hour help desk provides access to these additional resources at any time as well as being able to respond quickly to the request in an emergency. Emergency services can be provided in as little as one (1) hour if required.

Holding various maintenance contracts within the oil industry, can require emergency responses within 1 hr of the call being logged. This not only eliminated hazardous circumstances but can also help reduce loss of sale or stock.

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