Electrite is an innovative and progressive maintenance company capable of providing additional benefits to offer our clients whilst ensuring value for money. This approach can be optimised by departing from the concept of the contract being merely a “service contract” and viewing it from a customer service approach.

In commencing a maintenance contract, our aim is to provide a long-term structured process to ensure a cost effective quality service is provided and maintained. To demonstrate how we will achieve these ideals, our Contract Co-ordination systems (i.e. our approach to personnel screening, recruitment and training) are detailed with any proposal.

Our maintenance proposals embrace the ‘Value for Money’ principles sought by Property & Services Managers. We have endeavoured to test all our current practices for efficiency and relevance as well as critically appraising how we may deliver a premium service without short-changing quality and maintaining fair market value for the services being provided.

We conduct regular Contract Review meetings with our clients to discuss the performance of our staff and operational procedures. Topics that may be covered in these meetings would include methods of monitoring the service, general trends and our administration efficiency. Key Performance Indicators will be developed to measure operational performance, which are reviewed at our regular Contract Management visits. Matters identified in these meetings are minuted for follow-up action. These too are regularly reviewed to ensure that they have been addressed our clients satisfaction.

In proposing our contract innovations, Electrite are demonstrating our willingness to work with your Company to deliver exceptional service.

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